PatientTrac Limited is a U.K. Holding Company set up to coordinate the growth and development of the member companies of the PatientTrac Group, being integrally involved in the overall management of those Companies and the administration of Group assets and investments on behalf of the Group as a whole.

Established in 2016, PatientTrac Limited’s primary focus has been, and continues to be, to identify, investigate and act on opportunities for the accelerated growth of the Group’s capital base, investing Group assets where there is clear potential for improvement in the Group’s financial standing and with the aim of supporting the Group’s future development on a competitive and consistent basis.

The PatientTrac Group invests internationally in a wide range of assets, with particular focus on the fields of Information Technology, Renewable/Alternative Energy, Medicine and Insurance and is continually looking for new and developing companies and technologies in order to support their introduction to the market and sharing in their subsequent growth.

While PatientTrac Limited has overall control of Group Companies and provides general supervisory guidance, the management of the individual companies is handled on a day-to day basis by the directors of the respective companies in line with the parameters set down by the PatientTrac Limited Board of Directors.


PatientTrac Limited currently has management in Colombia, United Kingdom and Belgium.